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Make Spring Project with Spring Initialzr

Make Spring Project with Spring Initialzr

Spring Initialzr

In this section, I will tell you how to make Spring Project with Spring Initializr.

For those of you who don’t know yet about, Spring Initialzr is a web tool provided by Spring who help you to generate Spring Project Quickly, Inside it, you can add plugins directly such as Spring Web, Spring Data, Spring Security, Lombok etc.

You can access it in https://start.spring.io/

In Project section, you can choose Build Tools between Maven or Gradle based

In Language section, you can choose between Java, Kotlin or Groovy which later you use to develop the program

In Spring Boot section, you must choose what version of Spring Boot.

In Project Metadata section, you write about Group and Artifact about your program

and in Dependencies section, you can add several plugin what you need

press Button Generate Project section and Spring Initialzr give you zip project that you have downloaded

extract projectabove in your directory and open your IDE, in here I use IntelliJ IDEA and enter the project into IDE

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